Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Design Like You Give A Damn?

Design Like You Give A Damn is an online repository of projects dedicated to improving living conditions through innovative and sustainable design. The site is the brainchild of Cameron Sinclair and highlights the work of hundreds of architects, engineers and designers who have dedicated their lives to improving and working with communities in need. In 2006 and 2012, the team from Architecture for Humanity compiled a series of books using the same title.

How can I be a part of the database?

Please contact us and tell us about your project! We will review it and will work with you to ensure it is presented in the best possible way.

Does it cost anything to post a project?

No, good ideas and solutions should be as widely accessible as possible. Thanks to Worldchanging Institute and other supporters, this site will remain free and open to all.

Why should I put my project on the site?

Obviously it feels rewarding to contribute to a network that aims to improve living standards through collaborative design, but adding content to this network packs a little extra punch.

Design Like You Give A Damn has been featured in such notable publications as The New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Architectural Record and Dezeen. Projects we really like can get promoted to the homepage at any time and often get linked to other online sources. In short, posting a project means great exposure for you and your work - and will inspire others to refrain from ‘form follows finance’ design to ones that give a damn.

Why do we ask for project locations?

Design Like You Give A Damn is currently in beta version and functionality will continue to be added over time. We ask for project location because eventually the system will be linked with a mapping tool, and when that happens we want to be able to link your projects immediately.

How does Creative Commons licensing work?

A Creative Commons license is based on copyright. So it applies to all works that are protected by copyright law. On Design Like You Give A Damn, Creative Commons Licenses apply to all project files as well as all information located in the Resources section.

What will the Resources section be used for?

Design Like You Give A Damn is a work in progress and functionality will continue to be added over time. We hope to create a robust resources section that will become a knowledge database of organizations and designers making a difference.

In the future, it will include sections on everything from sustainable and renewable building materials to innovative building codes. In the meantime, feel free to mail us with suggestions on what topics you would like to see.

What if I still have questions?

Please click the contact page and send us a message.